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Sales and Specials

Limited stock
Black coated modeler's mesh
Use this 8-mesh black 100% aluminum modeler's mesh for making clay sculptures or any of the other mesh projects you do.
One folded sheet
(16" X 20")

Save 25%

Limited stock
5' Figaro Chain
A beautiful chain is the perfect complement to your creations. Base metal, gunmetal gray.

$12.00 / 5'

Lindstrom Rx Chain-nose Pliers
3 in stock
  • Overall length 5.77" (146.5mm)
  • Jaw length .79" (20mm)
  • Adjustable lap joint
  • Exclusive BioSpring®
  • Exclusive Microtouch handleTM

Save 15%

Lindstrom Rx Flush cutter
3 in stock
  • Overall length 5.33" (135.5mm)
  • Jaw length .35" (8.78mm)
  • Adjustable lap joint
  • Exclusive BioSpring®
  • Exclusive Microtouch handleTM

Save 15%

Sunshine Cloth
Keep your jewelry looking like new! Safely clean gold, silver, brass, bronze, copper, jewelry, flatware and many other surfaces. Reusable


Want to keep your journal closed? Making a glasses holder with a snap? Use these small 4-part snaps. Use the Better Eyelet Tool above and your hammer to easily set these into your journal. Note, these snaps work best with materials about an 1/8" or thicker. Need instructions for installing snaps? They are here.

Save 25%
$3.00 / 10


Gunmetal Gray


Ergonomic Roundnose Pliers
Ergonomic handles make these roundnose pliers a joy to use, even for long periods. They are tapered and have a high quality box joint and spring action. Wire-workers, beaders, metalsmiths and other artists will appreciate these pliers. 5" long.

Save 25% $7.50

Ergonomic Flush Cutters
These great little ergonomic cutters are a studio necessity. In addition to being very comfortable for extended use, these guys cut copper wire up to 14 gauge flush and virtually flat (no more filing those rivet heads or trying to cope with rough, irregular cuts). They have a nice pointy tip, a high quality box joint and spring action. Wire-workers, beaders, metalsmiths and other artists appreciate these cutters. 4 3/4" long.

Save 25% $7.50

Ergonomic Flush Cutters

Ergonomic Bent Nose Pliers
Great for those hard to reach places. Great ergonomic handles

Save 25% $7.50


Check out Joe's companion book: Soldering Made Simple: Easy techniques for the kitchen-table jeweler

Soldering Made Simple DVD
Presented by Joe Silvera
DVD shows you how to explore the limits of soldering with a butane torch and a simple home setup. Learn about tools, flux and other materials.
  • Soldering jump rings
  • Melting sterling silver into a ball
  • Sweat soldering
  • Forging wire
  • Soldering near beads
  • Using a Third Hand
  • Step-by-step necklace project

$19.95 ea.
20% off $15.96


We have the tools and supplies you
need to get started with silver soldering!

Automatic Center Punch
This tool is essential for making a pilot dent when drilling in metal. It helps keep your drill bit from skidding all over and scratching up the metal. Use on a Bench Block. Colors vary.

Automatic Center Punch
Save 25% $7.50


(Tiny) This tiny size also works great with our Petite Metal Journal Kit. It's a great small book with a lot of girth.
Finished Book Size (approx): 4" X 3"
Paper Size:
3.75" X 5.5"
Folio Size: 3.75" X 2.75"
(grain short)
Sections per Book: 18
Folios per Section: 6
Pages: 432 (including blanks)

Christine Cox

Peter Pan (Tiny)

Save 25% $17.70

Buy 2 pc. Book Board pre-cut for this size book (grain long)

Book Beginnings
Our popular Book Beginnings are back! In each package you receive 100 sheets of our off-white 70 lb. text paper and 4 pieces of book board; enough to make 2 books. Add your thread and paper and make lovely books for journals or gifts. (grain direction)
3" X 4"

 2 7/8" X 4"


Golden Skeleton Key
Great for tying onto your bookmarks. These are real brass-plated keys, not charms!

2 3/4" long

$4.00 / 2 ea.
Save 50% $2.


Soldering Iron (100 watt)
(only 2 left at this price)
The frugal artist's 100 watt soldering iron is perfect for stained glass or for many multi-media projects. We highly recommend that you also buy the stand as soldering irons are incredibly hot and can be dangerous to you and to others. Not for use with Canfield SilverGleem lead-free solder.

Soldering Iron (only)
Save 25%


Inland or Choice iron will be sent

Glass Bevels - 50% off!

1" Square Clear Glass Bevels
You asked for them and we got them! These are just perfect for photo frames or for ornaments.

$2.25 / 2


1.5" X 1" Clear Glass Bevels
/ 2


1.5" X 1.5" Clear Glass Bevels
Use one of these bevels as the front of a soldered Photo Charm and use a piece of Memory Glass on the other. Your charm will have the great beveled look you love but without the weight of 2 bevels!

Use them in your stained glass work or as teeny tiny book covers. Lots of uses!

$1.75 / 2


Looking for help drilling your bevels? We like to use Diamond Core Drill Bits.

2" X 2" Clear Glass Bevels
$2.25 / 2


Christine Cox
2" X 3" Glass Bevels
Read more about how this book was made

1" X 2" Clear Glass Bevels
$2.50 / 2


4" Square Clear Glass Bevels
Use in stained glass projects, as book covers and so much more! These are a real creativity spark! Drill in water with diamond drill bits.

$5.00 / 2


Looking for help drilling glass? We like to use Diamond Core Drill Bits.

4" X 4" Bevels

1" X 3" Bevels

1" X 3" Clear Glass Bevels
$2.75 / 2


Memory Frames

3 Colors / 4 Sizes

  • Polished Chrome
    • 1" X 1"
    • 1-1/2" X 1-1/2"
    • 2" X 2"
    • 1" X 3
  • Antique Copper
    • Out of stock
  • Black Patina
    • 1" X 1" - Out of stock
    • 1-1/2" X 1-1/2"
      2" X 2"
      1" X 3"

They're perfect for your Soldered Photo Charms.

Made especially for our Memory Glass, you can use these great frames for all kinds of jewelry and assemblage projects. Tops flip open to insert glass and photos and then close securely. Jump ring for hanging. 3 per package

$6.00 / 3 Frames
50% off
Please do not order sizes/colors that are out of stock - this is a discontinued product.

Screw Post Extensions (1/2" aluminum)
Has your photo collection outstripped the length of the screw posts in your album? We now carry 1/2" Screw Post Extensions to make your albums 1/2" thicker. Can be used with our Floral Screw Posts as well as with our Aluminum Screw Posts.

1/2" Screw post extensions
Save 50% $2.00 / 10

Engraved Silver Plate

Book Corners
Beautiful metal corners protect the corners of your precious (or just cool and good looking) books. Simply place them where you want them and then gently tap them with a mallet. We recommend a Rawhide Mallet, but your steel hammer will work in a pinch (just be sure to protect the corners with a piece of leather or something). Engraved Silver Plate.

Save 20% $5.20 / 4

Foundations Charms (4 charms)
With a wry wink and a smile we offer these ladies' foundation charms. They are brass-plated pewter and each has a loop for hanging. The backs are finished so they have details on both sides.

Save 50% $2.13


The Royal Charms (3 charms)
Two crowns and a tiara made from antiqued golden pewter. Use for charm bracelets, dolls, bookmarks, royal weddings and more!

Save 50% $1.75

Classic Japan
Blossoms, a kimono and traditional sandals made from antiqued golden pewter.

Save 50% $1.75