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Christine Cox has been teaching since 1988 and classes are small to accommodate lots of one-on-one time. You will definitely get the attention you need to learn or advance your skills in bookbinding, metalsmithing, enamels or glass. We also have individual tools and work stations for each student to use, which keeps waiting times to a minimum.


Usually, depending on the type of class, you will choose and design your own project (with lots of help, of course) and then Christine will help you to plan it out carefully and teach you what you need to know to make it. Since everyone in class has a different skill level and is working on a different project the room is full of learning possibilities.


Since you're learning in Christine's working studio, we can incorporate all kinds of media that you might not normally expect in a class. Metal, glass, wood, leather and much more are on offer for most classes. Christine is a born tool lover so there are lots of opportunities for trying or learning about power- and hand-tools.


Field trips are encouraged in our wonderful, historic area, or feel free to bring a good book or a sketch pad and take it easy, if that suits your fancy. Stay an extra day and visit the Amador County wine country (we're famous for our Zins). You'll fall in love with historic Volcano and want to come back again and again.


Following are all the details we could think of. We want this to be a fun and fair experience for you and for us. Please don't assume anything. If you have any questions email Christine.


You'll work hard and you'll love every minute of it!

Small Print

Class Schedule

About the area

Class Payment

Cancellation Policy


What to Bring


About Christine Cox

Is a Class at Volcano Arts Studio Right For You?

Sunrise in Volcano

Sunset in Volcano

What Should You to Bring?
Nothing! Unless specifically asked to bring an item (rare) you don't need to bring a thing! I've been teaching for over 20 years and have multiples of everything. You might consider a journal, pen and magnification.


Where is the Studio? Volcano, CA
Volcano is a small, historic gold-mining town in the Sierra Foothills about 2 hours east of Sacramento. The population is only about 85 and conveniences are few (there are only 2 restaurants, a small country store, a bakery, no gas stations and limited wireless and cell phone service). The nearest town with real business activity is Pine Grove, about 8 miles away.


Night life in Volcano is sketchy. The studio is out in the county jurisdiction, 3 miles from the village of Volcano. Our address isn't on this page because it is also our home. We'll email our address to you when you sign up.


How to Get Here
If not driving up, most students rent a car at the airport. That way they can get around while up here on the mountain. On the other hand, you could be here with 3 other people, each with a car sitting around doing nothing all week.


Some people like to share a car at the airport. This takes some coordination, so let me know if you're interested and I can ask other students who might be interested.


There is a shuttle service that will drive you directly from the airport to the hotel for a very reasonable round-trip price. It's a wonderful alternative, if you know that someone in the group will have a car.

Amador County Shuttle Service
(Fred and Lourdes Lopez)


Local hotels:

Volcano Union Inn


St George Hotel


Day's Inn, Sutter Creek

Interested in camping while here?
Indian Grinding Rock Campground
Jackson Rancheria RV Park


What is There to Do in the Area?
There's a cavern nearby, and several historic towns featuring gold mine tours, antique stores, wine tasting (we are in a world-class wine region and Gold Country), fine dining, galleries and much more.


While Shari Durfey was taking a class here she took tons of photos in and around Volcano. She's a talented photographer and her flickr show is a great way to see what the area is like.


Wikipedia has a nice little write-up about Volcano.

Volcano Arts Studio
Our 500 square foot studio is full of artwork, shelves of hand-bound books, tools (toys) galore and loads of inspiration.




Multi-Day Classes
50% of class fee must be made at the time of registration. The balance of the class will be charged 90 days before the Intensive date and you will receive an email reminder with directions, the itinerary and other pertinent information.


One-Day Classes
Class fee is due upon signup. The materials fee is due on the day of the class.




Multi-Day Classes
If you have to cancel 90 days or more before the class (60 days for 1 and 2 day classes) you will receive a full class fee refund less $50.00. (Sorry it's such a long period but since I'm holding the number of students down, a cancellation would have a large affect on me and on other students' travel plans).

If you cancel between 60 and 90 days (30 and 60 days for 1 and 2 day classes) ahead of the class you will receive a class fee refund, less a 25% fee.

Cancellations made during the 59 days before a class will receive no class fee refund.

Note, if I am able to fill your seat in the class you will receive a full class fee refund less a $50.00 fee regardless of when the cancellation was made.

In the event of an emergency or an act of Mother Nature, class may be postponed to a later date at no (class fee) cost or loss to you. A full class fee refund will be given if a date cannot be worked out.


One-Day Classes
Cancellations made more than 7 days prior to the class will be refunded less $15.

Cancellations made fewer than 7 days prior to the class will be refunded less 50% of the class fee.

Hotel refunds depend on hotel policy.

Minimum class numbers apply. Check with me before making your travel plans. We cannot be responsible for cancelled classes.



Volcano Arts Classroom


Classes always start on time so please be sure to arrive a little early. The Studio is in our house so don't arrive too early.  ;-)


I am not equipped to teach children under the age of 18.


I am chemically sensitive so please do not wear perfume or strongly scented lotions. This is very serious. I've had students in the past think that "light" or "soft" perfumes, lotions and hairsprays would be OK. I cannot effectively teach if I have a migraine headache. Please, avoid the whole issue and wear unscented products. I have unscented lotions and soaps here for student use.


Students are not to be under the influence of narcotic or sedative drugs, nor alcohol during class hours. These may impair judgment or cause injury.


Three (beautiful, spoiled) house-cats own us so please do not sign up for classes if you are allergic to pets of the feline ilk.  The cats mostly stay out of the studio, but we are occasionally honored by their presence. Our house is clean but cat hair lurks!


If you have any special needs, dietary or otherwise, please let us know before class so that we can address them in a timely manner.

The studio is upstairs.