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Leather Working

You're turning me into a metal and leather fool! (In my bookmaking, that is.) Thanks for the great service, and the wonderful sources of inspiration.
-- Karen R., TX


Hole Punching | Alphabet and Number Punches

Our Red-Handled Scissors are great for cutting leather.

Stainless Steel Spatula (Edge Paddle)

One side is square and the other is rounded. Use them for cleaning and wet-packing enamels, placing small items in the kiln, separating beads on a bead mat, applying color to the edges of leather, mixing paint, and so much more! They also make great lifting knives, though you'd probably want to thin yours on a belt-sander first. I have them all over the studio and use them for all kinds of tasks. They are easy to clean too.

Stainless Steel Spatula

Hole Punching Pliers for Leather
Perfect for paper, leather and very light gauge non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, etc.), these pliers make a round 1/16" diameter hole. Use them to make holes for our 1/16" Eyelets, for sewing leather, for fibers, the list is endless.

Our Snaps and Rivets were made to be used with thick leather and they work great with book board!
We also sell Metal Alphabet Punches which are suitable for punching either metal or leather.

I think you have a great assortment of supplies and you send the products out promptly. Keep up the good work.