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Painted Wooden Book with Etched Metal Hardware

Come to the beautiful foothills of Northern California and make a book with painted (or stained) wooden covers and etched metal hardware. You'll be given a selection of templates inspired by medieval and contemporary examples, and choose from a wide variety of materials and techniques. This is a great way to learn about woodworking, metalsmithing and bookbinding, all in one 5-day class. Your complete book will be durable and will open flat for writing. Your design will determine the techniques you learn, and demos will be held continuously throughout this popular class. Each student's book will be unique!

Woodworking * Etching metal
Metalsmithing * Coptic stitch bindin


To make inquiries or to sign up, email us at:


Instructor: Christine Cox

Date: Oct. 10 - Oct. 14, 2019
9am - 4pm (5-day class)

Location: Volcano Arts Studio
Volcano, CA
(Private property - we'll give you the address when you sign up)

Price: $650.00
(materials fee and lunches included)

All levels, though experience will serve you well

Notes: a certain amount of hand-strength is required for any metal fabricating you do.

  • Basic metal fabricating (sawing, filing, finishing, and more)
    You'll cut out, shape, file and drill the metal pieces!
  • Etching metal
    You'll learn all about how to deeply etch nickel-silver, copper and brass!
  • Light woodworking
    You'll work with wooden covers, including sanding, drilling and painting!
  • Sewing the book
    You'll use a "type-4" board attachment and a "Coptic" stitch. A most historic stitch!
  • Riveting hardware to book
    You'll learn several options for affixing hardware to wooden covers!
  • Intermediate students will have the option of learning the fine art of soldering the hinges.
  • Everyone should leave class with a finished book, depending on your design and ambition.
  • Books are blank and open flat for journaling.
  • Upgraded materials, such as sterling silver and books in sheets, will be available for purchase during class. Copper, brass and nickel-silver are included in materials fee.

If you're traveling
Hotel and food

Volcano Arts Studio
Please read before signing up for classes.

Christine Cox
Instructor since 1988

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Christine Cox

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Christine Cox

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Christine Cox

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Our luxurious 500 square foot studio and small class sizes make for an intimate learning experience with plenty of one-on-one instruction