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Many Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic and later books were made with metal furniture to protect them, and fastenings to keep them closed. Whether you are binding in wood or in book board (or even in metal), learn the fabrication skills you need to make brass and copper bosses, clasps, corners, front-pieces and other historic furniture.

Design * Fabricate * Finish *Etch * Patinate * Solder

This class is steeped in history and includes discussions about and photos of historic books, physical models, demonstrations and a lot of hands-on work. You can expect to leave class with several complete pieces, depending on your speed and skill level.

Instructor: Christine Cox

Location: Volcano Arts Studio
Volcano, CA
(Private property - we'll give you the address when you sign up)

April 26 - April 30
(waiting list)

Jun 7 - June 11
(waiting list)

All dates: 9AM to 4PM

Price $600 Iincludes lunches
and materials)

All levels, though experience will serve you well

To make inquiries or to sign up, email us at: info@volcanoarts.com

What to Bring 

  • Journal or pad for notes

  • Magnification: I have a few OptiVISORs to loan out and we also sell them here, so don't run out and buy one. We share.

  • If you have a respirator mask bring it along (like painters use, available at hardware stores - filters should be for aerosol particulates). Although a respirator mask is highly recommended, don't feel that you need to buy one just for this class. I have lots of paper masks that you can use.

  • I have plenty of medium and large latex gloves. If you are allergic to latex or have extra large or extra small hands, please bring several pairs to use during the week.

If you're traveling
Hotel and food

Volcano Arts Studio
Please read before signing up for classes.

Christine Cox
Instructor since 1988

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Anne Canright
A contemporary take on a medieval closure

Plaquette with 4 bosses and frontpiece
Christine Cox
Inspired by history



Variety of closures, corners, bosses and more; both contemporary and traditional


(frontpiece for a velvet book)

(frontpiece for a velvet book)

Closure for a wooden book

Frontpieces for a walnut book


A variety of etched, pierced, hot- and cold-connected book bosses, frontpieces, closures and corners. All of these projects were done by 3 students over 5 days. Joanne, Fred, DaNelle

Book hardware class pieces

Class pieces by:
DaNelle, Emily, Joannk (Etched, pressed, formed, hinged, cold connected)

Hinges and closure for walnut book


Hinged hasp and strap, etched brass

Christine Cox
Brass corner with cabochon
(mounted on wood)


Bezel-set corners, bosses and an anchor plate with soldered peg