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All book kits are exclusive to Volcano Arts

Book Kits

Exposed Spine

Ribbon and Bead Journal
"Wow" bright pages and contrasting signature guards, this journal is great for use on warm summer days. It brings its own light and fun to the dark days too.
Difficulty rating:

8-Needle Coptic

The gorgeous cover paper, the long, thin format and the  complementary colors of waxed thread make this a dramatically beautiful journal!
Difficulty Rating:


2-Needle Coptic
Paper-covered boards: A fun book featuring lovely decoupage covers and a simple link stitch.
Difficulty Rating:




4-Needle Coptic
A variety of cover papers on a foundational book kit. Everyone should make this book at least once!


6-Needle Coptic
English embossed paper-covered boards: Easy-to-learn chain stitch using 6 needles.
Difficulty Rating:


Jointed Cover
Jointed cover comes in 6 colors: Easy-to-learn chain stitch using 6 needles.
Difficulty Rating:

Cased-In Books and Journals


Chubby Velvet Journal Kit
"Secret Garden" Novel Kit

Cased in with lots of skills to teach
Difficulty Rating:

Paper and Book Cloth Covered Boards:
A classic hand-bound cased-in book.
Difficulty Rating:

Sewn Through-the-Spine

Braided Spine Journal

Moiré and Book Cloth covered boards and a braided pattern down the spine.
Difficulty Rating:

Metal and Leather Journal
Metal Covers: Creativity unlimited. Brass, nickel or copper!
Difficulty Rating:

Idea Center


Original Traveler
Canvas Covered Boards: A watercolor block and a text block join ranks to make this the perfect journal for a nature walk or as a design journal.
Difficulty Rating:

Idea Center


Distressed Leather
Leather Cover: This rustic leather journal will make you lust for adventure!
Difficulty Rating:

Li'l Traveler
Canvas Covered Boards: Lots of pages, durable canvas and a flap make this our favorite take-along journal.
Difficulty Rating:

Idea Center


Japanese Stab Bound
Paper Covered Boards: Gorgeous Handmade Flower Petal Paper-Covered Boards
The classic Japanese kikko toji stitch with step-by-step diagrams.
Difficulty Rating:


Star Book Kits

Moiré Fabric Covered Boards: A novel book perfect for special gift giving and personalization.
Difficulty Rating:

Idea Center

Special edition stars

Papers vary as we rotate our beautiful, hand-collected stock.
Difficulty Rating:

Fall Star
Embossed Paper Covers: Celebrate Fall with seasonal quotes printed on the pages of an 11" wide star.
Difficulty Rating: