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Stained Glass


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This is where you'll find an eclectic, yet essential mix of the metalsmithing, bookbinding and stained glass tools and supplies you need for your projects and classes.


New! Brass Book Pegs
Handmade by Christine Cox


Volcano Arts 1/16" Eyelet Setter!
Engineered quality - made in America

Custom etched metal nameplates
by Christine Cox

Group | Private
 Immerse yourself in a powerful learning experience and get the individualized one-on-one instruction in bookbinding or metalsmithing that you can get only from an experienced instructor in a small class.

Book Jewels: Fastenings and Furnishings for Bookbinders
Plaquette with 4 bosses and frontpiece

Instruction since 1988
The Muse | How-to
Christine's blog
Thousands of articles, helpful hints, techniques and advice from our resident book artist, metalsmith and instructor, Christine Cox.

The Muse established 1999

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